Calvary Lions Club
"We Serve"

Welcome to Calvary Lions Mule Day 

Sponsored by The  Lions Club of Calvary Georgia 

Mule Show Calvary Georgia - Starts at 1:00 PM
Registration begins 1 hour prior.  Rosettes will be awarded to 1st - 5th places in each class.

Contestants are not only local, but come from as far away as Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and South Florida. Some have traveled up to 500 miles to this event.  If you have never been to the Mule Show you are missing a treat. If you have, we know we'll see you again.

Spruce up your mane, get a costume, bray up a storm, practice your hoofing skills and get ready for the Calvary Mule Day Show.

Entry fee is $5.00 per class - Classes will be as follows:

 1. Best Jackass Halter

 2. Best Jenny Halter

 3. Best Horse Mule Halter

 4. Best mare Mule Halter

 5. Best Cotton Mule Halter

 6. Best Matched Pair (Halter)

 7. Best Mule Driving (1 Mule, any vehicle)

 8. Best Mule Team Driving (2 or more)

 9. Best Costume Mule

10. Best Riding Pleasure Mule Gentleman (Walk, trot, canter)

11. Best Riding Pleasure Mule Ladies (Walk, trot, canter)

12. Best Riding Trail Mule

13. Mule Cob Race Youth (17 & Under)

14. Mule Cob Race Adult (18 & Over)                                           

15. Panty Hose Race  

16. Mule Barrel Race Youth (17 & Under)

17. Mule Barrel Race Adult (18 & Over)

18. Tunnel Race

Donkeys may enter riding/driving classes

Leadlining is allowed for beginner youth

MULES WANTED  for Mule Show

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The annual Calvary Lion’s Club

Mule Day Events are fast

Approaching. Spruce up your mare,

Bray up a storm, and practice your

Hoofing skills. 

At 1:00pm a Mule

Show will be featured on the Mule


Ample time to "do your stuff” 

in the yearly parade at 11:00am.

Dry Camping allowed Thurs 11/3-11/6 ONLY!

Absolutely no alcohol allowed in campsites or on Mule Day grounds.

For questions about the Mule Show contact: 

Westley White, show chairman: (229)308-3660